What You Can Expect

GPMi offers a consulting relationship model that is appealing to those industry practitioners who chose to conduct their business independently.

The business relationship is established under a formal contracting agreement between GPMi and you as a sole practitioner or your incorporated company.

You would provide services to GPMi’s clients on a subcontracting basis pursuant to your contract agreement with GPMi and subject to GPMi’s contractual arrangement with its clients. For the services that GPMi provides, you would maintain our standards of professionalism and quality.

You would typically work on a project or a term basis with assigned clients. We would present opportunities that match your expertise, personality and experience to specific client needs. The decision to accept an assignment is yours.

Some of the reasons to consider being a GPMi Associate:

  • GPMi’s reputation as the leading joint venture and midstream consulting firm in Calgary.
  • Experienced and well connected Principals who are constantly seeking out quality new clients and assignments.
  • Interesting and quality work; in both primary client and “one of” projects roles.
  • To the extent you wish and have the capabilities, the opportunity to work with either a varied suite of clients or a single primary client.
  • Flexibility – some control to work as little, as much as and when you would like.
  • GPMi’s ability to fill-in an Associate’s available free time with short-term or part-time (e.g. 1 – 2 days/week) work with other clients.
  • Experienced Principals who are more than willing to provide Associates with advice and the benefit of their experience.
  • Opportunity to exchange ideas and issues with the Principals who are recognized experts.
  • Ability to draw upon the resources within the organization to assist on your projects.
  • Office centrally located in downtown Calgary; well equipped to allow Associates to work on assignments outside the client’s office.