Armstrong Bill
Bill Armstrong, P. Eng., a Principal since 2008, brings 40 years of broad energy industry experience including a demonstrated track record in business management, oil and gas production and operations, project management, asset evaluation and process engineering and design for a large integrated energy company.

Bill has worked a variety of assignments in both Canada and the US including the design, project management and start up of large sour gas production and processing facilities in Alberta and Wyoming as well as several smaller facilities. Bill has lead teams responsible for the management of both oil and gas development and operations including large sour gas and oil fields. More recently Bill headed a team that separated midstream and liquids marketing functions from producing functions and set up, managed and divested the midstream business.

Bill is currently providing consulting services to the industry in a variety of areas including asset evaluations, determining strategy for management of midstream assets and front end evaluation of feasibility and options for development of facilities. Contact Bill

Child Bob
Bob Child, P. Eng., a Principal since 2009, brings over 34 years of extensive exploration and production (E&P) and midstream/gas infrastructure experience. His background encompasses the full natural gas value chain from finding and development (F&D) through field and plant operations to gas processing and infrastructure management.

Bob brings a demonstrated track record of leadership and delivery as well as a background in the technical aspects that comprise the business. He has worked a variety of leadership assignments based both in Calgary and the field, including: 10 years of hands on field based oil and gas (sweet and sour) engineering and operational supervision; oil and gas production management; the re-engineering and overall leadership of the Canadian gas finding and development activities for a major multi-national E&P company (exploration/exploitation, drilling, completions, land acquisition and management, reservoir optimization and management, project and operations engineering); President and CEO of a major Canadian midstream/gas infrastructure business leading the redefinition, management, packaging and successful sale of the company; and President of a Canadian midstream business for a U.S. based oil and gas producer leading the business definition, strategic, tactical and business setup and initial operation.

In addition, Bob has previously provided consulting support in the areas of business performance improvement and measurement systems, strategic planning and tactical implementation and leadership development and mentoring. With his broad background he will provide support in the areas that are currently GPMi’s focus as well as to the broader oil and gas industry business. These areas would include: improvements in F&D performance (portfolio management, risk management, delivery and process), production operations (lifting cost and overall performance improvements), safety and leadership development (coaching, mentoring and delivery systems). Contact Bob

Esau Dave
Dave Esau, P. Eng., M.B.A., a Principal since 2005, brings over 35 years of technical and commercial experience in the upstream, midstream and gas transmission sectors of the oil and gas industry, including 17 years in a consulting capacity.

Dave’s experience includes oil and gas exploitation, reserves and property evaluation, gas supply assessment, marketing and customer account management, infrastructure business and project development, financial and business issues analysis, joint ventures and business management. With GPMi, Dave’s principal areas of focus have been business and project development, infrastructure commercial management support and gas supply analysis.

Dave is a member of the Gas Processors Association of Canada, Petroleum Society of Canada, Society of Petroleum Engineers and Petroleum Joint Venture Association. Contact Dave


Goobie Gerry
Gerry Goobie, P. Eng., MBA, a principal since 2012, brings over 32 years of petroleum industry experience with over 25 years in the natural gas and natural gas liquids (NGL) businesses.  Prior to joining GPMi, Gerry led the Canadian natural gas and NGL consulting practice for an independent international energy consultancy providing technical, commercial and strategic advice to North American and international clients.

In addition to managing the development of natural gas, NGL and petrochemical feedstock supply/demand and pricing outlooks, Gerry provided consulting services to clients in the areas of acquisitions and divestments, regulatory matters and litigation as well as commercial transactions for the natural gas liquids and natural gas processing industry. Gerry has appeared as an expert witness before the Alberta Energy Resources Conservation Board, the National Energy Board and the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench.  Prior to establishing a consulting practice, Gerry’s experience included facility operations, project management, marketing and commercial management, strategic planning, acquisitions and divestments and general management.

Gerry is a member of the Gas Processors Association, the Canadian Propane Association and the Petrochemical Feedstock Association of the Americas and is a frequent speaker at numerous natural gas, midstream, petrochemical and crude oil conferences throughout North America.  Gerry is currently providing consulting services to clients in several areas including NGL infrastructure developments, rich gas field developments and petrochemical feedstock analysis. Contact Gerry

Joubert Terry
Terry Joubert, P. Geoph., MSc. (Geology), MBA, Principal since 2012, has broad experience in subsurface exploration, exploitation, gas plants, pipelines and LNG infrastructure.

Terry’s commercial experience includes working with start-ups, strategic planning, litigation, acquisitions and divestitures, risks evaluation and First Nations’ negotiations. Terry appeared before the Nation Energy Board as the Gas Transportation Panel Chairman for the Kitimat LNG export license hearing and was the Commercial VP for the Pacific Trail Pipelines.

Terry was the recipient of the CSPG Link Award for his presentation on risk analysis and portfolio management and has spoken at numerous conferences throughout North America on subjects ranging from upstream strategic planning to North American LNG development. Contact Terry

Kingsbury John
John Kingsbury, P. Eng., a founding Principal of GPMi, brings over 39 years of varied work experience in the oil and gas industry including reservoir engineering, gas plant and field operations, facility project management, business development, joint venture, and corporate economics. In 1993, John started his own oil and gas company, Tekerra Gas Inc. (later amalgamated with another junior oil and gas company) and also consulted in the gas processing industry for midstream business development, and was a developer of several midstream projects. In 1999 John teamed up with Ib Moller to form GPMi.

John has been very active in industry associations, serving as President of the Canadian Gas Processors Association in 1994 and as a board member of the Petroleum Joint Venture Association in 1985 and 1997. John has also served as a member of the JP-90, JP-95 and JP-05 industry task forces to develop and expand the industry processing fee guidelines; as vice-chairman of the CAPP (formerly CPA) Economics Committee and chairman of the Alberta Fiscal Committee; on the Alberta royalty and information review committee; as the Small Explorers and Producers Association of Canada (SEPAC) representative on the Alberta Aboriginal and Northern Development Industry Advisory Committee, and as SEPAC representative on the Company to Company (C2C) Dispute Resolution Task Force and the Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR) Council.

John is currently on the Board of Directors of SEPAC. John has appeared as an expert witness before the Alberta Energy Resources Conservation Board on several occasions and at a formal arbitration on gas processing commercial issues in New Zealand. He has also been both a mediator and arbitrator for numerous industry disputes on gas production and processing issues. He has taught courses on many aspects of the gas business including economic analysis, production measurement and accounting, project management, operations, and process design. John has received several industry awards. Contact John

Tim Reimer
Tim Reimer, P. Eng., a Principal since 2014, brings over 35 years of technical , commercial and leadership experience in the upstream and midstream sectors of the oil and gas industry.
Tim’s experience includes: infrastructure engineering and construction, production operations, asset evaluations, reservoir engineering, exploitation, gas supply and marketing and joint ventures. He has worked at a number of junior, intermediate and large oil and gas producers as well as midstream companies and a large gas aggregator.
Tim is active in industry associations, he has served as a board member, including a term as President of the Petroleum Joint Venture Association in 2010. He was a member of the JP05 industry task force on industry processing fee guidelines and is currently a member of the PJVA task force on the revision of the model Construction Ownership and Operating Agreement.
Tim is a member of the Petroleum Joint Venture Association and the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta. Contact Tim


Wolfe Steven
Steven Wolfe, P. Eng., a Principal Since 2013, brings over 25 years of energy industry experience from working in a Canadian based International Oil & Gas company.

Steven has experience in engineering, construction, project management, business development, project development, evaluation, strategic planning, contract negotiations, exploitation and business development with expertise in all aspects of running a Midstream business.

Steven is a seasoned leader with proven management skills focused on achievement of business goals in an integrated, multi-disciplinary team environment supported by a successful track record in delivering projects in Canada and the United States. Contact Steven

Dave Tulk
Dave Tulk, P. Eng., a Principal since 2014, has over 33 years’ experience in the petrochemical, gas processing and mid-stream value chains of western Canada. His area of expertise includes the development and commercialization of new petrochemical and mid-stream projects, strategic planning, economic modeling, NGL infrastructure development and leadership.
Dave’s career includes 27 years with a major western Canadian petrochemical company with much of that time in a leadership/executive role. A large part of his career was dealing with the management of feedstock supply and related projects including the sale and purchase of midstream assets. He also had a major role in leading the teams that put together most of the commercial agreements that underpinned the major expansion of the Alberta’s petrochemical industry in 2000.
Dave also has over 3 years’ experience as an executive responsible for the NGL extraction and pipeline divisions of midsize midstream company. Contact Dave

Terry Nazar
Terry Nazar, M.Eng., M.A. Econ., a Principal since 2014, brings over 38 years of industry experience and demonstrated leadership in infrastructure planning and project management, corporate planning and business development, exploration and exploitation, operations and health, safety and environment (HSE).

Terry has held a variety of leadership positions in all of these areas both in Calgary and in the field. His experience encompasses sweet and sour and oil, gas and power infrastructure and resource assets. He has a successful track record of delivery in strategic planning, acquisitions and divestitures, and all phases of project management through to operations.

Since 2009, Terry has provided consulting services to the industry in several areas including midstream strategy, development of front end feasibility proposals through to their engineering design and construction, midstream business modelling and asset evaluations, third party and joint venture negotiations, and related HSE planning and operations management. Terry is a retired member of the Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) Association. Contact Terry


Our Associates are integral to our ability to meet a wide range of client needs. Each is an independent business partner, and capable of performing at a high level in a team environment or independently. They have been carefully chosen to ensure that they bring the experience, skills and ethics for which GPMi is known.